Why Call us - Advantages of a Mobile Mechanic

Owning and operating a fleet of trucks and trailers is, of course, a huge expense. There are a variety of factors you need to consider, from the cost of parts to finding a reliable and knowledgeable mechanic to maintain the fleet, it all adds up quickly.

However, there is a way to not only lower the costs of running a fleet, there is also a way to prevent a lengthy down-time on any given truck or trailer with the services of a mobile mechanic.

When owning and/or operating a fleet of trucks and trailers, or any type of business for the matter, there is one goal in mind: paying as little out-of-pocket money as possible, while still generating the largest possible profit. Having a mobile mechanic is an ideal way to reach that goal.

A mobile mechanic is available to help with minor problems and emergencies. In case of emergency, rather than having to wait for your truck or trailer to get towed to the local shop, a mobile mechanic is only a phone call away, minimizing your down time. Instead of spending time and money making arrangements to have your vehicles towed and fixed, a mobile mechanic will go directly to the break down or repair site and fix it on the spot.

Another way to save on expensive mechanic bills is to think ahead and prevent the situation before it even happens. With ongoing routine mechanical and safety checkups, from replacing filters, changing oil, and fluid and tire checkups, to greasing trucks and trailers and much more, the chance of a major breakdown is severely minimized, and the life of your truck or trailer is prolonged. This means your customers get their shipments on time.

With the flexibility of a mobile mechanic, you receive quality service almost anywhere, anytime. Not only will you save money, but you will extend the lives of your trucks and trailers significantly. You will have the same quality of work as you would from a shop, but with the convenience of the shop coming to you.

Your business or company needs to stay competitive in order to succeed. This success is made easier with the flexible, efficient, convenience of a mobile mechanic.